Getting Started: Our Process & Step-by-Step

Our streamlined approach is effective for customers seeking prompt security solutions. We kindly request our residential clients to invest in a HomeSirens A.I. MicroSystem and a Monthly Subscription Service.

    • The HomeSirens A.I. Services team will set up and test the solution before shipping the HomeSirens A.I. MicroSystem to your location.
    • The HomeSirens A.I. Services team will assist you in the connection process and ensure cloud management.

      Looking to obtain managed a.i. home internet security? These steps will guide you.

       Step #1 - Go to the shopping cart to purchase HomeSirens and Services
       Step #2 - Scroll Down to "Available Products and Services"
       Step #3 - Select "HomeSirens A.I. MicroSystem" then Select "Add to Cart"
       Step #4 - While on "Your Cart"; Scroll Down to "Available Products and Services
       Step #5 - Select "HomeSirens Internet Security Management Subscription" then Select "Add to Cart"
       Step #6 - Enjoy a $30 discount at Checkout and HomeSirens handles the rest