• Regular People & Small Businesses

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Regular People & Small Businesses

Can Protect Their Whole Internet

Smarter With HomeSirens

Internet Security Too Complex?

HomeSirens the New Internet Security Way

A central internet security system managed by its own Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Updates. This plug and play solution will watch the internet and block any hackers, internet attacks, or viruses like ransomware with no human intervention. "Stop the Hacks", Press Power.

Hardware, Software, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence

The beautiful blend of a small computer with powerful capabilities. HomeSirens is changing the way internet security is done for residents, work from home uers, and small businesses with a high-speed internet wifi router.

"I used to have internet problems with my ring door camera going in and out, the internet company couldnt help. Once I put HomeSirens in, it stopped and my ring has been working fine. No more outages."


"Seriously that was it, three cables and all I had to do was press power. My internet was up and running in like 4 minutes. HomeSirens was too easy."



Linux Operating System

We took a heavily secured linux operations system distro and integrated the HomeSirens A.I.

Multiple Security Applications

Internet security is all about the layers you add into the system. Built with a commercial grade firewall, intrusion prevention system, and internet sensors, gives HomeSirens the tools to protect any smart device.

Managed by Artificial Intelligence

Like having a personal internet security worker, HomeSirens A.I. manages the operations of the system, the security applications, the writing of new blocking rules, and the subscription cloud updates.

Daily Cloud Update Service

We take our HomeSirens internal security operations team and provide daily intelligence updates into the cloud. Every HomeSirens internet security device will update its A.I. with new information, to help protect well into the future.

Latest News

HomeSirens is now HomeSirens, Inc.


HomeSirens launches in July 2021 with operating shares registered from DE. A big step for all startup businesses, HomeSirens looks forward to providing internet security services to every one for many years to come.

HomeSirens, Inc. will have a hybrid model of operations. Small regional offices with a strong remote work force.

New Design for HomeSirens


The HomeSirens High Visibility Touch Screen is one of a kind, but not everyone wants a touch screen. We have teamed up with a design team and will have an even smaller HomeSirens computer with no touch screen, but with the same exact capabilities and performance.

Smaller Size, Discrete, Same Protection Service.