SMB Features

Protect Your WiFi Services

Plug in HomeSirens for your WiFi router needs. Set HomeSirens up and have it configured within 5 minutes. Auto-configuration with the press of the power button.

Risk and Compliance Reporting

Add Risk and Compliance reporting and dashboards to your HomeSirens security services. Ensure your meeting your Cyber Insurance, cyber compliance and regulations.

Text/Phone Call Alerting

Receive alerts via text or a phone call as it relates to HomeSirens protection activities. HomeSirens will notify you when it prevents/blocks a real time internet attack.

Long Term Service, Cheap Low Price

HomeSirens offers multi-year contracts for businesses who want security services for the future; add-on to their existing team, or take over all security monitoring needs.


5yr Contract = $3,350

Summary Features of SMB HomeSirens

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