HomeSirens Threat Intelligence Report: “Home Covid-19 Phishing Attacks”

HomeSirens Threat Intelligence Report: “Home Covid-19 Phishing Attacks”

Kim Lyons wrote an interesting article last month about Google tracking covid-19 phishing email attacks that were seen in the millions. This unusual high number of phishing attacks designed to fool the typical internet user to fall victim is unsettling to say the least. Professionals in the cybersecurity field would agree; with most countries on shut down the window of opportunity is one of the main reasons this number for a single type attack is high.

As Kim nicely points out: “These scams include impersonating government organizations like the World Health Organization to try to solicit donations or trick users into downloading malware; pretending to have information about government stimulus payments; and phishing attempts aimed at workers who are working remotely.” ( )

The natural question I really have in my mind was, how often are home networks seeing this internet attack traverse across their wifi router? And is this Covid-19 phishing attack coming from multiple locations? Finally, are there any areas where the Covid-19 phishing attack can be stopped before infection (no pun intended).

With the new HomeSirens technology in place across several United States locations, we started to dig into our threat intelligence reports to see if we picked up any Covid-19 phishing hits. To our surprise and to collaborate with Kim Lyons google report, the hits were indeed in the millions.

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